Fresno County Young Democrats

A New Generation of Leadership.


FCYD was founded nine years ago in 2010 by a group of young, likeminded, and engaged democrats who wanted to provide young people throughout Fresno County with a voice and vehicle to create actionable and meaningful change through the democratic process in their communities at the local, state and federal level.

Flagship Chapter

FCYD is the flagship young democratic chapter in Fresno County and the San Joaquin Valley with a robust and growing membership. As a member of the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee, FCYD provides a seat for all young democrats at every decision making level in Democratic politics throughout the county, San Joaquin Valley and State of California.

What We Do

We work to facilitate an environment that fosters the development of a new generation of young leadership in Fresno County. We do this by hosting monthly and seasonal mixers, organize voter registration and political engagement activities, candidate and leadership development workshops which prepare our members to run for political office, become legislative staffers and political organizers and activists in their communities. All this and more, affords young democrats throughout the area to become active and engaged in the democratic process.

fresno county young democrats in group photo indoors

Fresno County Young Democrats is one of over 200 young democratic chapters throughout the State of California and is the official arm of the California Young Democrats (CYD) representing Fresno County.

We work to empower young people to become change agents in their respective communities by providing them with opportunities to engage, communicate and activate politically.

We endeavor to foster the next generation of leadership in Fresno County by building a pipeline to power, influence public policy and debate, while preparing young people to enter public service and serve their communities.

For More Information

For general questions, membership inquiries, sponsorship opportunities and upcoming events, please email us at